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June, 2017

Weaving Krokbragd in earth tones now...

May, 2017

Threading the reed on my loom to weave some simple taupe and white striped farmhouse table runners.

April, 2017

Working on the agonizingly slow process of weaving Norwegian Krokbragd.                (Ugh. What was I thinking?!)

April, 2017

Soon to be taupe and white striped table runners.

March, 2017

One step among many in the process: winding the warp onto the loom.

March, 2017

Trying something new - salmon, mocha, charcoal and tan in a classic twill pattern.

March, 2017

Recently finished...pale gray table runners with navy blue stripes.

February, 2017

Natural cotton-linen blend runners on the loom...

January, 2017